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November 19, 2004

so my bad

In earlier posts, I referred to Rep. Tom DeLay as House Whip.  While that sounds like an intriguing thing to be, the fact is that he is not House Whip, at least anymore.

He is now House Majority Leader.

My apologies.

Happily, he remains one unrepentant puss sack of an asshole, committed to grabbing power at the expense of the welfare of the nation.

So I wasn't wrong on that.

Posted by mrbrent at 5:46 PM

further to the last one

Josh Marshall's Righteous Flashlight of Shame Project, which I wrote about in the post immediately below this one, continues.  The latest is here.  Obviously, the chances of an actual brick-and-mortar result to all this is slim, though I think everyone has visions of Trent Lott dancing in their heads. 

Nevertheless, pretty much any attempt to force personal accountability on anyone in the Congress is going to get me all fahred up, baby, so, yeah!  Let's do that dance!  Let's put our junk inna trunk and descend upon these Representatives like a plague of shreiking harpie revenants until their sins shoot out their ears like jello, baby!

Or something like that.

The only frustrating thing is that my residence is repped by two Democratic Senators, a Democratic Congressman and a Democratic State Senator, Assemblyman and City Councilman.  So I can write them all letters but it would be, like, to ask for their turkey recipes or something.

Or maybe just catch up.

Posted by mrbrent at 11:49 AM

November 18, 2004

delay is still an asshole

Always thoughtful and well-spoken, if not a little serious, Josh Marshall over at Talking Points Memo is having a true monkey hour moment, as he lines up Republican Representatives like fish in a barrel.

The issue is over the rules change effectuated by the House Republicans over whether Reps can hold Committee chairs if they are under indictment.  In a voice vote, they chose to rescind the rule, protecting Whip Tom DeLay, a true, dedicated and long-time asshole facing indictment in his home state of Texas for financing "irregularities".

A simple google will bring you up to speed on this issue, if you are so inclined.

Anyhoo, instead of angry (maybe even hurtful!) words on his little website, Josh decided to, through his own efforts and volunteered efforts of his readership, pin down each and every Republican in the House over their vote on this abortion of a rule change.  Cue squirming from a portion of the House Republicans, forced to own up to an odious vote.

He's posted about a kajillion updates today alone, and it's fixing to be an unusually useful use of the superpowers of what the NYT likes to call "blogging".

Again, go there now, and think about what you can do in a similar vein.  Suckas.

Posted by mrbrent at 7:07 PM

November 17, 2004

which horseman is this?

While I'm very much an apostate as far as all that Christian/End Times theology goes, I submit to you this thing right here.

Not sure if this is a moon turning to blood level omen, or merely dogs and cats, living together, but it scares the shizizzle out of me.

But the good news: those rich guys are gonna get a whole lot richer!

Posted by mrbrent at 12:15 PM

November 16, 2004

yahoo gives, and yahoo understates

Oh, but Yahoo Rectangle o' News nugget caught my eye as "felony stupid":
• Shooting of Iraqi in mosque angers Muslims

Umm, yep, shooting an injured and unarmed combatant (read: captive) inna head is generally considered above and beyond the call of good guy, especially when the crime occurs in a somebody's house of God.

Also I read stories that I'm too nauseated to link about how some Americans believe, you know, it was an honest mistake, the Marines are all exhausted and in the middle of a nasty conflict, and, besides, do you support our troops or not?


Yeah, I support them, but they claim to hold themselves to an agreed standard of conduct, and if they get all Punisher on the other side, then a) it gives all the other other sides freedom to also bend a few rules, and b) it shames us.  If your idea of "support" is condoning a little accidental egregious murder, then I suggest re-reading that Bible you clutch so tightly to your breast.

Let's just say, "I'm angered too."

Posted by mrbrent at 6:49 PM

more from Kev in the UK

[Another note from your friend and mine, Kev in the UK:]

Play Dead:  Big story over here is the US Marine savagery.  Since when has lying still been a threat?  I'm surprised the gunman didn't shout a South Park style: "Oh My God, he's coming straight at us!" before opening up.

Joanna Bourke, a historian at University of London has researched extensively on the effects of warfare on soldiers, the conclusions are in "An Intimate History of Killing", a book condemned by the military as untrue and unrealistic.  Now that we have an ongoing war, Joanna's conclusions are appearing to be vindicated, notable in Abu Ghraib, and now in Falujah.  Joanna is a busy woman as a result.

I was listening to the BBC news at the week-end when the newsreader announced "Vice President Dick Cheney has been admitted to hospital for tests.... (pause for breath)... for a heart problem."  That pause was enough to introduce a moment of satisfaction as one could contemplate what Cheney would be tested for.  His Assclownocity?

A bet Condo Rice can't wait to declare war on the Soviet Union and teach those Commies a thing or two!


[Just for background, in the UK, George Bush in not the President.]

Posted by mrbrent at 2:47 PM

yahoo, good morning

I'm pretty sure there was some other news and stuff, but if you were lucky enough to check the old Yahoo Box of Headlines this morning, you would find this:
• One person stabbed at Vibe Awards taping

You might expect a dollop of ironic detachent after that, then maybe something about how no one reads your "blog" anyway.  In fact, maybe you've already read a few examples, this very morning.

But I was more thinking, if you glance at the headline quickly enough, "Vibe Awards" can be misread as "Abe Vigoda".

No day starting with stabbings at Abe Vigoda can be all that bad.

Posted by mrbrent at 10:40 AM

November 15, 2004

regretable neccesity

It seems a bit of outrage fatigue is running around these parts like an early season flu.  You'd think my outrage would be running around current events like a boy scout troop at a strip club, but, it turns out that it's more like trying to pick dinner from one of those twelve page menus that some diners have.  So many things to hate!  So little ability to focus on one.

So please let me muster a generic fuck you to the mother-fuckers, in case anyone's keeping count.

But if you really want to remind yourself exactly what's at stake, stroll over here for reporting on Iraq War that doesn't read like a newsreel for imbeciles.  Like every media outlet in America, and that means you too, NYT.  Some people get tired of reading about civilian casualties.  Not me. 

Keep liberating the Iraqi people from breathing, you evil fucking administration!  We'll just keep making fun of the South while the Christian right break their damn arms patting themselves on the back and plan the next Inquisition.

Yeah, it was a bad day.

Posted by mrbrent at 8:09 PM


I'm kind of surprised that Vice President Cheney hasn't yet found some way to publicly undermine Colin Powell's resignation.

You know, for old time's sake.


Posted by mrbrent at 11:05 AM