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November 27, 2004

ha fucking ha

Proving that not only does God have a sense of humor, He's laughing his head of at this very moment, President Bush speaks:
There's just a lot of allegations of vote fraud that placed their election -- the validity of their elections in doubt.

Yeah, he's not speaking about the United States.

At least he refers to "vote fraud" -- you know, a couple of Dem registrations of "Mary Poppins" and "Eubie Ugly" -- instead of "massive and systemic vote suppression and vote count manipulation".

Though there's still time.

Posted by mrbrent at 4:43 PM

November 24, 2004

i got mail

The really really groovy thing about disabling comments on this little virtual wordy place is that sometimes you get mail!  Which is a pick-me-up!  Well (obviously), a pick-me-up further to the numerous already ingested this Thanksgiving Eve morning!  Let's read it together:
Call out Gouranga be happy!!!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga ....
That which brings the highest happiness!!

Awww, geez.

It's a crazy but mystifying piece of spam.  And not even one that stands me the chance to help the widow of an African president access her untold billions.

Of course, a dash of Google clears the murk a bit:  Gouranga!   Gouranga!   Gouranga!  Two possibilities for the source of this e-mail: 1) Krishan level love spreading, invoking cheery word/deity name, or 2) sloppy viral Grand Theft Auto spam marketing (in which the word in question appears after you run over some Krishnas).

And you know what?  Either equals another slice of happiness pie for me!  Gouranga, my suckas!

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November 23, 2004

let's go there, she said

I don't know how many of you have an affection for professional basketball, but I do know that all of you heart violence, so I'm pretty sure you all heard about the historic and ugly brawl in Detroit -- Pacers v. Season Ticket Holders.  Oh, sorry, you want links!  Have your links!

I'm proud to report that I've confirmed the first playing of the long-anticipated race card in connection with the incident.  The card player was a caller to an Air America radio show, who played said race card only once her thesis that Artest was not culpable because he thought he was hitting the right person was soundly rejected.  Then she chose the nuclear option, something like, "Well then you know we got to talk about race," and then repeating "Let's go there" like a five year old while kindly host Mark Riley tried to get words in edgewise.

It may be true that this caller is batshit crazy like Zell Millah, yes, it's true.  Nonetheless, the beer hitting Artest inna chin knew no creed or color, and nor did its friend, the folding chair.  People of color were involved in the incident, in fact, people of more than one color.  It wasn't a hockey game.  But, participants, scmharticipants.  It's 2004.  About the only places you get a homogeneous population are those redder areas of the red states.  And who wants to be like them (except them)?

The brawl was "about" a kajillion things, even though it was most directly about men punching each other.  It was about professional athletics, it was about commerce, it was about anger management and it was about an inebriation so big it engulfed a section of Pistons fans.  Race may be on that list, but it's waaaaaay down towards the bottom, next to homoeroticism and somebody owing Ron Artest money.  The only way it's primarily about race is if you come from some mental space where every fucking thing is about race, because that is the prism through which you choose to view things.

In which case, Titivil here is about race, as well, stuck forever in that vacuum between "Soul Brother Number One" and "Soul Brother Number None".

Peace out to that indeed.

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November 21, 2004

oh the irony

I was saying this months ago, before we knew that fear of gays would actually be a more compelling factor for dumb-ass voters than fear of unemployment and fear of a draft.

If you're serious about defending marriage, then you need a constitutional amendment banning divorce.

Come on you "moral values" divorcees, own up.

Posted by mrbrent at 2:13 PM