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January 28, 2005

cheney hits the slopes

You've probably seen mention of this elsewhere, but it's egregious enough that I can't help to also pile on.

What's wrong with this picture?  Well, what's wrong is that our Vice President went to the ceremony commemorating the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz dressed for an afternoon of touch football.

I just wish Cheney would confine his assholery to our borders and save us the shame.  We, his Royal Subjects, already expect his callous disregard for anything good.  It makes you wonder what kept other heads of state from punching him right inna nose.

Oh, that's right, because they were at an Auschwitz commemoration ceremony.

Never mind me -- cheerleaders form human pyramids a number of times a day.  What do I know?

UPDATE:  Turns out I'm a little behind on this one.  How behind?

Behind both the A.P. and the Washington Post.  Scooped again!

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January 27, 2005

in others, it remains only "slammy"

I'm sure this whole "misreading at a glance" gimmick ages poorly, but so do my eyes.  Yahoo Headline Box:
• Meth becoming a threat in some cities

Come now, meth has always been a treat everywhere!

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we are the rhetorical footsoldiers

[Via the tireless, tireless TPM]
Rosenbaum also shared a lesson he learned from covering the Reagan presidency twenty years ago that he is carrying over to his coverage of today's Social Security debate, "I don't use 'reform' because I think 'reform' has a spin on it."  In writing about Social Security, Rosenbaum said he will stick to more "neutral" words, such as "change" or "revamp."

Geez, what happens when the thesaurus runs out of words?

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January 26, 2005

just add context

Kev in the UK likes to send me links to the British media, little slaps in my little face that the Fourth Estate of at least one First World nation is not having a Crack Attack (and wants their money back).

This one came with a snarky comment, which I will omit, because I believe it works better if you make your own snarky comment.  Then you feel like you've accomplished something.

Take it, da Beeb.

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vicious infinite doofus regress

Yesterday and today have been/will be filled with giant time-suck tasks, though necessary and wonderful.  Wouldn't you like to know.  So we proceed with the little tiny writey posts:

Like this!  This morning's Yahoo Box O' Headlines:

• Bush urges Iraqis to vote, defy terrorists

Uncanny.  That's the same reason he told us to shop back in October of 2001.

And vote for him, three months ago.

And to finish our plate, lima beans and all.

There, I will stop, though I am tempted.

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January 25, 2005

dance nerd-boy dance

This morning, for no particular reason, I watched the trailer for the upcoming "Hollywood smash" "Fantastic Four".

I have no sincere opinion about it -- I am scared that the movie will suck, and comic book movies that suck are worse than never having had that comic book movie at all.  The trailer looks just like a trailer does -- hints and teases, all impossibly tiny on my CRT, with nothing foreshadowing greatness or ignomy.  On the other hand, Kung Fu Monkey does have an opinion, and one that satisfies my entertainment quotient for the afternoon.  Also, Mr Monkey's thoughts are decidedly not fan-boy at all, which is good, because, though I may approximate a fan-boy, I am no fan-boy.

Even though the fan-boys, they now run the planet.  Bastard fan-boys.

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January 24, 2005

it was a fine day until this

I've only noticed one little item fit to print so far today.

Just about everyone in the daily updating business, pro, pro-am and otherwise, has found a way to include some reference and link to this.

Nice little apostrophe, all of you.

Now, let's move on.

[Via every freakin blog inna world]

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January 23, 2005

terrible towel: waving

We try to filter the personal out of this as much as possible.  Endless "hungover again"s and "my boss rewards me in stupid T-shirts" would serve no one, not even me, or my cheap boss.  Titivil is here for purely entertainment/time-wasting purposes.

But, Titivil has a sister, who's about the biggest Pittsburgh Steelers fan that doesn't live in Pittsburgh.  (We keep telling her to move there, already, but she doesn't like snow.)  So, for sister's sake, we say: (i) we are very much looking forward to an afternoon of the football watching; and (ii) we very much hope, for sister, that the Steelers walk away victorious, even though we know it boils down to the whole "best team" and the "most points on the board" tropes.

But it is funny to think, this whole NE Patriots dynasty everyone talks about lines up very nicely temporally with this current shitty Administration in DC.  Funny.

UPDATE:  I am terrible luck to the sports-minded, which would also make me a terrible brother.

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