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May 12, 2005

i come not to praise the american patriot

Yeah, I'm one of those comic book guys.  We used to be called "geeks", but that was before we become good-hearted super-millionaires due to our cultural influence.

I just found [thanks to Fanboy Rampage] the bestest comic book ever.  It's called "The American Patriot".  (Why not just "The Patriot"?  Who knows.  Maybe the creators were worried that their "American Patriot" might be misidentified as a Canadian, or a German.)  The American Patriot got his powers while trapped in the wreckage of the World Trade Center.  He beats up hippies and guys in turbans.  John Walker Lindh just gets him all slappy!  He wears a dark blue union suit, a yellow mask tied around his head, and a peaked cap.

Fortunately, he doesn't look gay at all.

You might think that I'm snarking all over the politics (and talent) of the creators of The American Patriot, but that's just because you haven't heard my new motto:  Don't hate, appreciate!

That link again: it am so dumb.

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May 11, 2005

where did you hide the body?

I'm not sure if this particular syntactically advantage-taking of prepositions has a proper name.  Maybe it's out there, some where in the Internets.  Either way, the Yahoo! Headline Bundle is passingly familiar with it:
• Culkin denies being molested by Jackson

Then who?

I am bad person!  I go away now!

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let's vote, bitch

I have no quick judgment on Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.  Never met him, we've never broken bread, who knows if he even likes the same books as me, etc., etc.  I do know that some Democrats are big fans, and others are not.  Don't know if Republicans have any opinion of him at all, other than, "He will be assimilated."

However, this open letter to Majority Leader Bill Frist is notable purely in that it is the most bad-assed a Senator gets to be whose name is not Lyndon Johnson.

Either of these options offers a path away from the precipice of the nuclear option.  But if neither of these options is acceptable to you, let's vote.

I know, it's no Mr. Smith going to Washington, but it's righteous and contains the voiced willingness to throw down, which is right now enough for me to hang my hat on.

So let's vote, bitch.

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May 10, 2005

in consideration of the new thing

The big non-news this week is the launch of Arianna Huffington's website.  Barely rumored and whispered about by tens, the site somehow convinced every print and online media organization to yesterday scream simultaneously at the top of their lungs, "The Huffington Whatever-She's-Calling-It launches today."  Nice job, Maer.  Breathlessly, I managed to forestall any actual visit to the site until this afternoon.

The name of the venture is "The Huffington Post", and the logo, stretched out across the top of the page, has a little cartoon guy with a top hat hanging out in the "o" of "Huffington".  I do not know who the guy is supposed to be.  Perhaps it's safest to assume that the little guy is Arianna herself.  Which would be weird, but no weirder than calling your day-late dollar-short webical extravaventure "The Huffington Post", which lies a little thick on the tongue.  I guess "The Pufferbelly" was taken, which is unfortunate, because "The Pufferbelly" is the best name ever.  For anything.

As to the merits of the venture, I'm going to stay on the fence.  Pretty much everyone is slamming the site, and I hate bandwagons.  Let's just say that the uselessness of the site stems exactly where you think it would stem from -- starfucking.  The "blog" (what on earth?) section specifically reeks of the smug namedrop, with earnest celebrities and famous smarty pants each chip in a short paragraph that boils down either to "count us in on the revolution" or "meow meow meow meow".  If you're the kind of person that gives a shit about the famous and their thoughts, then you're in for a real treat, so get over there and shove your face in the celebrity trough!

[Please note that my reference to "celebrity" with regard to the HuffPost blog roster tends more towards the Alan Alda realm of celebrity and not towards the Paris Hilton realm.  Though expect P Diddy to throw his blog on any day now.]

Otherwise, HuffPost is a little grabbag of linked headlines, not unlike any of the other news aggregators out there.  Well, it is different from Drudge, but only because it lacks the "I'm the straightest man in America" subtext that Drudge swims in.

Basically, it is an uncomfortable but bona fide cure to a disease that doesn't actually exist.  Not so much a panacea as an honest blogical response to a perceived need, when the perceiver is a pretty dedicated crazy person.

Which raises the question: why am I spending time thinking/writing about it.


I go sulk now.

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May 9, 2005



And so is Titivil.

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