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September 17, 2005

this is the shape of my love

Have you forgotten about Cardhouse?  It's true, Cardhouse was threatening to curtail his or her little writing and then posting it for everyone who can afford to be online to see thing her or she did so well, so maybe the forgetting, it would be okay.

Cardhouse is back, and I am all warm after the electronic reading thereof.

What's that number again?  Hyperlink Action!

"He or she."  Like I'd tell you!

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September 15, 2005

hello freddy

"Teh shits" have given me a short attention span today.  Unlike other days, when I am possessed of a Buddha-like laser focus that can extend for weeks and weeks.

I'm sorry, what was I saying?

Over at DailyKos, your one-stop shopping center for partisan outrage, I noticed a small internecine chairfight brewing over our NYC mayoral elections.  To sum up, our current (GOP) mayor, Mike Bloomberg, is running for reelection, and a former Bronx borough president, Freddy Ferrer, is the Democratic candidate.  Polls indicate Freddy will not win.  And certain fire-breathing Kossacks are crying turncoat at any Dem who might vote for Bloomberg.  And then certain other fire-breathing Kossacks cry "useless ideologue" at the former fire-breathing Kossacks.  It's all wrapped up nicely in this diary.

This is of interest to me because I, too, am a progressive New York Democrat who may well vote for Bloomberg, and, at the very least, will not vote for Ferrer.  You see, I'm very proud of my party affiliation and such, but I'm also proud of my own ability to make decisions.  And after dusting off the old critical faculties, I would much rather scoop out my own gizzard with a dull spork than pull the lever, any lever, for Freddy Ferrer.

My opposition to Ferrer is not based on the fact that he is a Democratic machine hack, with little experience other than being Beep, carrying water and running losing campaigns for office that reek of entitlement ("I'm a Latino Democrat -- this city owes me.").  No, sometimes I will vote for an old party hack, but I am still a big Breslin fan.

The reason that I will not vote for Ferrer is that is a crybaby spoiler.  In 2001, he lost a tight run-off to Mark Green, who became the Dem candidate against Bloomberg.  Unfortunately, Ferrer's feelings were hurt that he did not win the run-off, so he sat on his hands -- withholding his support of Green, eroding Green's numbers among blacks and Latinos and pretty much handing the election to Bloomberg.

Now, it's four years later, and Ferrer is finally the candidate he always wanted to be.  And he has called for all good Democrats to pledge support him.  Well, since he has a history of treating these campaigns like a schoolyard sandbox, I'm just going to take my pail and trundle off home.  And hopefully Freddy will get beat bad enough that he will never, ever be tempted to run for anything more powerful than Treasurer of his local garden club.

And as to the rah-rahs who would label me a turncoat, I truly appreciate their enthusiasm.  You know, "go team" and all that.  And holding your nose while you vote for the asshole running on your party's ticket has been very successful for Republicans, who have lord over party solidarity like guards of an interment camp.  Sadly, if having to vote for a jerk like Ferrer is what it will take for the ascendancy of the progressives, then I'd much remain a member of the loose confederation of losers who work for better but are constantly stymied, because then I can sleep at night plus also I will remain very attractive and fun at dinner parties.

In the immortal words of Baron Von Raschke, "That's all the people need to know!"

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panic, not study

The Yahoo! Regularly-Shaped Headline Corral explains why this day has been "teh shits", as they say:
• Typing sounds could be security risk - study

Ah, the tintinnabulation of the keys!  I was wondering what that security risk was.

Wait, study what?

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September 14, 2005

my art will save the world six or so people at a time

I've noticed a disturbing trend in my backlog of e-mails.  (Yay, disturbing trend!)  Maybe you have too, and this brief moment of dudgeon to follow is a moment, precious and few, we two can share.

Equal in number to the pieces of delicious spam I receive are invites/publicity for tiny little Katrina benefits springing up all over the city.  No Telethons or nothing like that, just your standard random assortment of artists and musicians and the like, in little showcase evenings in nightclubs, bars or even the kitchens of shotgun flats, with "all profits going to Katrina relief.

I, and surely the likeminded, appreciate the gesture.  Katrina is the current Bad Thing of our lifetimes, and it's good to want to pitch in.

However, please keep in mind that if you are the kind of performing artist that has some difficulty finding the paying audience you so clearly deserve, then the "benefit" you are throwing becomes less a "benefit" and more a bald exploitation of a natural disaster to convince people to come see you.

Of course, it's nice of these artists to offer to give up the money that they weren't going to make in the first place.  But, really, the only way that these "benefits" would be truly admirable is if the performer in question was allergic to performing -- in fact, the mere act of the simple performance in front of a handful of audience could well seriously injure the performer.

Otherwise, it's a bit of a deluded response.  "How may I, a struggling artist, give comfort to the displaced of the Gulf Coast?  I know!  I'll put on a little show!"  Gee, how will the world ever truly repay you?  Maybe a promotion to lead bookseller at Borders?

Please note that there is no naming of names.  That is not so much to protect the innocent as it is a function of laziness.

Please also note that I have been tangentially guilty of this in the past, but now am older and more of a bastard.

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what follows is nothing to care about

What sucks is that I've been away from the computing gizmos for the past buncha days.  "Force majeure", we'll call it.  But from last Friday until today, Wednesday, I have had a severe restriction in access to the Internets and all the goodness contained therein.

What sucks worse is that, as I was leaving on Friday, the thought crossed my mind to post some kind of "light posting to follow" post so that it wouldn't look like Friday happened and then time stopped, dead, with no explanation, but I ended up not posting the "light posting" post because who wants to read that?

And what sucks most of all is that you're now reading someone banging away on the old plastic letter buttons about disruption of posting on a largely irrelevant personally-run website, followed by the public breast-beating about the propriety of such discourse in the context of such personally-run website.

Which is all very 2003, if you ask me.

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