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August 25, 2006

this is about as personal as I get -- even in real life

My tenancy with the 24 Hour Plays' contribution to the Fringe is completed.  And now I am tired (and no longer making theatrical shows with my daytimes, which loss causes a bit of a hangover).  The shows were a success, and everyone agrees that I am a much better actor than I am a writer, which may be a back-handed compliment -- I can't tell.

I especially want to thank playwright Mike Doughty, Julie Wright and Ben Schneider for "A Sizable Town", the final bits of which I paraphrase here:

Once I moved to a sizable town.  I moved there once, with my girly girl.  And all the while, I thought to myself, "Oh my, what a sizable town."  But where was the love?  The love, the lovely love, where can it be?  And I found that love, right here in my tiny heart.  I found the love, and it was so.  You too can find the love.  Each one of you, in each of your tiny hearts.  A sizable love, for a sizable town.  A sizable town, indeed.

Rock on, people of the Internets.  Go see the final 24 shows tomorrow and Sunday (links below).

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August 22, 2006

24 hour plays

This is the obligatory "things are quiet: post.  And for once, I can be less mysterious than usual.

Tonight (I'm on break right now), tomorrow (Wednesday) and the next day (accordingly, Thursday) I'm appearing in 24 Is 10, which is the 10th anniversary something something of the the 24 Hour Plays.

Shows are at the Lucille Lortel here in NYC, and ticket info is available at this link here.

I've been involved with the 24 since its inception, and I am justifiably proud to be involved.

If you'd like a lengthier dissertation on the 24 and the particulars, drop a line.

Have a nice week.

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August 21, 2006

forecast: encroaching weird

I don't know what it means, but I'd like to share.  On the walk from the subway to job this morning (in NYC's fashionable but remote 'West Chelsea' neighborhood), a giant traffic sign took up a parking spot along 10th Avenue just past 23rd Street.  The sign was one of those electronic display signs that's big enough that it has to be towed from place to place; it flashes LED text to convey important information in the Queen's English.

This morning, around 10a or so, the message flashed by the sign was:


I'm not sure if the theme of the sign is "Statements of blunt obviousness" or "Discouragement to crimes you won't commit".  Whichever -- kudos to the anarchists for infiltrating the NYC Department of Transportation.

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