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May 9, 2008

west virginia: where surnames are misspelled

Hey, I'm from there!  Though it's been a couple of decades, I most certainly am a product of the great state of West Virgina, where I spent some formative years around people like this:
"Is he Islamic or is he not?" [some dude from Wayne, WV named] Pasley says of Obama, who is Christian. "I know he's tried to talk about it but he hasn't looked anybody in Wayne in the eye and told them."

Oof.  Okay, that's not exactly how I remember it.  I guess kind of like that -- there was a whole lotta looking people in the eye -- but about seventy-five percent less imbecile.

I've never been to Wayne, but, looking it up, it's only 10 miles or so from the city that my mom was born and raised in.  I'll have to ask her about the mysterious eyeball-driven Islamo-dar possessed by Wayne natives.

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clinton's devolution into "look-at-me"

After reading yesterday of Sen. Clinton's latest foray into offensiveness -- her assertion that implies that Sen. Obama's support consists of the lazy blacks of America -- I was kind of expecting to see many many pages today of outrage, condemnation, grumpy-pants, etc.  But after a quick morning spin around the Internet, I'm not seeing it.  Oh sure, it's not passing without mention, but I woulda thought that Hillary breaking the proxy-barrier in the playing of the race card would have merited a little more shrillness.

But you know why not?  Because we're all sick to death of the bullshit.  The Clinton campaign could burn a cross on the front lawn of the Obamas, and, at this point, the reaction would be a labored sigh, and a "Whatevs" to all that.

I wouldn't be surprised if this final act of the Clinton campaign is not an expression of desperate tactics, but rather a poli sci experiment in "What Can Be Gotten Away With".  Which, if this is the case, would go a long way to rebuilding the good will that's she's been burning like a bunch of Velveteen Rabbits.

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May 8, 2008

creepy floating thing

This is by no means as creepy as the creepy gnome, but it's only a couple days (instead of months) old, which makes it nearly of marrying age in Internet years (instead of fossilized) -- so have some creepy vaguely human-shaped floating thing.

And just because it's not as creepy as the creepy gnome, well, come on -- it's still pretty cool.  Dunno if you're childhood was partially spent what it would be like to be able to fly (as mine was), but I'm guessing it would be something like that.

Why is it that these videos are never from Cleveland, or Asheville, NC?

[LATER THAT DAY]  Turns out I'm way off base on the timeliness of the footage of the creepy vaguely human-shaped floating thing -- not only did Griz unearth an earlier posting of the video, he also wrote about it -- about a year ago.

My fault for not paying attention.

Though kudos to both of us for not making the standard Mexico/aliens joke that you'd expect either of us to make.

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May 7, 2008

also: what does osama bin laden think about this?

So, I'm reading all kinds of stories about how the primaries in North Carolina and Indiana went last night, but I'm noticing a glaring omission -- no one is reporting on what Rev. Jeremiah Wright thinks about all this!!!

How can you have fair coverage of an election without comment from the retired pastor of one of the candidate's church?  I guess the media fix is still in.

(To be fair, I also didn't see comment from the heirs of Vince Foster -- come on, medias!  Step to it!)

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May 6, 2008

sorry for all the political bitching/moaning

This obsessive attention I'm giving the Democratic primary is making me all shrill and first-person, which is not how I like to be for the purposes of this electronic publication.  So let's talk about my little dog, Asta, for a moment.

How is the little dog?  Well, between you and me, she's worried sick about the Democratic primary.  Even though my little dog promised to be relatively neutral until the nominee was decided, she was so disgusted by the Clinton campaign that she picked sides.  And she is even more worried that the Clinton campaign, which is the as conventional, by-the-numbers, mud-slinging, pandertastic as any campaign in the past thirty years, will not so much split the Democratic Party as it will usher in a new age of idiocracy where elections are decided by which candidate is the quickest to denounce those scientists or professors whose policy recommendations interfere with the electorate's access to free VOD, or cheap intoxicants.

My little dog is aware that the question of electability is now "in play" in the primary -- although mostly because of the confluence of a weak-willed press and a campaign following the Campaign Playbook of Karl Rove (with a forward by the ghost of Lee Atwater).  About this, my little dog, Asta, says that if you really want to see the issue of electability come into the play, just let Clinton back into the nomination by orchestrating the deforestation of the Obama campaign, especially with regard to the number of votes Clinton will receive in November, from my little dog, and those who generally agree with my little dog.

I keep telling her that it's unreasonable, but I'm just not quite sure that my little dog can hold her nose long enough to pull a Clinton lever in a voting booth at any time in the near future.

Even worse, I suspect that my little dog may be losing her sense of humor over the whole thing.

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May 5, 2008

what is $3.80 minus $.18 again?

During Sen. Clinton's appearance on Romper Room yesterday morning, she pushed back against criticism that her cynical attempt to bribe voters by saving them eighteen cents per gallon of gas by reiterating her belief that the support of voters is worth eighteen cents a gallon.

She also derided those economists (i.e., all of them) who could see no benefit in her (well, her and Sen. McCain's) plan, by calling them "elite", and decrying "this mindset where elite opinion is always on the side of doing things that really disadvantage the vast majority of Americans."

I'm not sure which of the $109 million dollars she and her husband cleared over the past seven years earns her an exemption of membership in the elite, but the gas-tax-holiday is an unmitigatedly bad idea -- benefits to consumers would be minimal, and it doesn't touch the actors who are actually gouging consumers.  It was not the government that posted multi-billions in earnings while peddling the suddenly-expensive gasoline, it was Big Oil, who won't lose a penny if the gas tax is suspended.

Sen. Clinton must want the nomination very badly to pander so nakedly to the impressionable and the imbecilic.

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