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August 8, 2014

zephyr teachout for gov

The really fun thing about deciding not to vote for the reelection of Andrew Cuomo is that everyone can pick a different reason to not vote for the reelection of Andrew Cuomo.

Like, I know lots of people who won't vote for the reelection of Andrew Cuomo because of how he uses our mayor, Bill di Blasio, as a punching bag, so as to demonstrate to moderates that Cuomo is not a pinko like di Blasio.  And I know of lots of other people who won't vote for him because of the story that the NYT broke, concerning his tampering with his own ethics commission.  I mean, that's some pretty egregious shit, undermining an ethics commission.

But not me, man.  The reason why I will not vote for the reelection of Andrew Cuomo is because, even though he is millions of dollars ahead of his primary opponent, a woman few people have heard of, Cuomo is challenging her candidacy in court.  That is something I would expect from a Republican.  That is also a dick move.

Zephyr Teachout can expect my support in September.

(Sorry, rest of the world: Andrew Cuomo is the governor of New York, a Democrat, and a dick.)

Posted by mrbrent at 10:23 AM

August 5, 2014

just when you thought you were done with the giant siberian holes

A small correction.  In that tl;dr doom-screed that I put up last week, I kind of used the giant Siberian hole as some sort of joke, a light-hearted way into the actually scary stuff.

Well, as usual, I was wrong — the giant Siberian hole is actually pretty damn scary on its own:

According to [archaeologist Andrei] Plekhanov, the last two summers in the Yamal have been exceptionally warm at about nine degrees Fahrenheit above average. Rising temperatures could have allowed the permafrost to thaw and collapse, releasing the methane previously trapped by the subterranean ice. Methane is the primary component of natural gas.

So the craters are being caused by the warming of the atmosphere, which melts and collapses the permafrost which releases the methane which speeds up the warming of the atmosphere.

OK, got it, awesome.  Back to answering terrified emails from distant relatives about whether I have Ebola yet.

Posted by mrbrent at 10:22 AM