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October 10, 2014

tristar strawberries

So it was early August, and I was haunting the Greenmarket on the way to work, as one does, and I noticed that a stall still had strawberries.  That was strange, I thought — a bit late in the season for that?  But they were little tiny guys, like the kind my aunt used to grow in West Virgina summers decades ago.

I went for it, thinking myself lucky to have the last strawberries of the season.  And lemme tellya, they tasted as good as any strawberry I've had.  As in, they actually tasted like strawberries and not something crossbred to grow real big and fat and durable enough to last the trip from California.

But as the summer passed, I noticed that this same stall kept offering these strawberries.  I went for it again.  And they were as delicious as the first pint I bought.

So what the hell is up with those strawberries?  I'm getting them from a farmer's market and not a Gristede's, so there is some sort of authenticity implicit in the goods proffered.  They couldn't possibly be selling out-of-season strawberries?  Wouldn't that bring the wrath of the commingled hipstervores of the greater metropolitan area?

And then last week I noticed that other stalls were offering these freaking strawberries, which has me wondering where the camera was.  It was October.  Strawberries are gone by the end of June.  The strawberries were starting to fuck with my head, as we used to say.

But one of the farmers actually put a name on these spooky immortal fruit: Tristar Strawberries.  So I went to the, ahem, public library and found that they are a strain developed, quite recently, from a wild strain to be both everbearing and day-neutral, which means that the flowering of the berry is not dependent on season.

So the good news these little suckers will be available pretty much from spring to fall, which is super good news considering how good they taste.  The bad news is that we are still trapped in a world of the inevitable degradation of all things.  But at least we get more strawberries.

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October 8, 2014

the latest reason not to vote for andrew cuomo

A bit of news is buried in the op-ed page today.

As detailed by Edward Zahniser, a member of the advisory board of Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve, the Cuomo Administration has quietly been pushing for a 200 acre pit mine in the middle of the Adirondacks.

How did this happen?  Zahniser lays it out, but basically through a lot of arm-twisting in Albany plus a very vaguely worded referendum that was on the ballot last year:

Last year, 53 percent of New York voters approved a constitutional amendment -- proposal No. 5 on the ballot -- that allows (but doesn't require) the state to trade those 200 acres to a mining company, NYCO Minerals, for lands that "are equal to or greater than the value" of those wilderness acres.

The intended plot is near Jay Mountain, which is on the eastern side of the Adirondacks, about halfway between Plattsburgh and Ticonderoga.  It's really pretty up there.  In fact, it's so pretty, that Gov. Cuomo like to take other elected officials up there for some canoeing or hiking, just to demonstrate his affinity for New York State's natural treasures.

Which is exactly why he is a cold calculating bastard unworthy of our vote.

Exactly what did NYCO Mining give you for this, Governor Cuomo?

As a son of the state of West Virginia, where the practice of knocking the tops off mountains and shoving them into streams and valleys is commonplace, this is especially dispiriting, as I would not like to see my adopted home state turn into a stinking alien landscape like the despoiled parts of WV.

Hey, let's all write in Zephyr Teachout for governor on November 4, whaddaya say?

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