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December 30, 2015

oh good grief

I would be more excited about putting a stake through the heart of 2015 if I were not sensing the trend of geometrically increasing shittiness as the years progress. That is to say, that 2012 was as bad as 2013 multiplied by x, 2014 was as bad as 2013 multiplied by X squared, etc.

That may be a misstatement. Maybe more arithmetic, with the shittiness increasing by the addition of the fixed increment X. However the case may be, perhaps it's time we all brushed up on our maths.

This year, publishing was sporadic! Life gets all sporadic sometimes. Especially when you look back to that time not too long ago when publishing was absolutely not sporadic, sigh, eat a peach, etc. Sometimes you take a break, and sometimes the break takes you. And other times you take a break and the entire industry, if you can think of it as such any longer, is all changed, everyone's a couple years older, the background-noise emotional tenor changed to something a bit more cloying, a bit more scolding, a bit more fraught.

Blather and bother! There's a whole rest of our lives to talk about that (and a respected website or two, while they last), and by the time we're even a quarter of the way there, everything will be all different all over again. So in 2016, while of course we will be as firmly focused on our navels as usual, maybe a couple more grace notes, a bit more tree and a bit less forest. Like, maybe if we swarm out and not in we can cover more ground.

I'm very grateful for all the content providers out there, and the peculiar affinity groups that I've weaseled my way into. Yes it's an awful lot of deep wading, but so much of it is some high quality shit, and when we look back that is what we will remember, and not the Martin Shkrelis or the Affluenza Teens or even that old clinical psychopath Donald Trump.

Happy New Year! Love your loved ones, honor those you lost, and let's get back to setting the good example in the fullness of time.

Posted by mrbrent at 11:02 AM