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October 21, 2005

aren't they just the cutest little aryans?

Say there's a guy in a comic strip.  A character.  He is wearing a hat.  He encounters information that is shocking in nature.  To indicate the resulting astonishment, the man is shown in the next panel, with the same or close to the same expression, but his hat has shot up in the air.  Zing!

So then, try this one on for size.


(For the click-averse, it is a story about a pre-teen girl singing duo that extolls the virtues of the White Nationalist movement.)

Just in case you had forgotten that it is now, and not some other time, when pre-teen girl singing duos didn't sing about racial purity and other whackadoo shit like that.

[Via Gawker, though I would keep an eye on Orcinus, as he writes intelligently about these matters.  Me, I'm just a smart-ass.]

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stand clear of the closing doors

The morning commute was curtailed by what was described by MTA employees as "extreme smoke conditions".

We were not advised as to whether the "extreme smoke conditions" were the result of "exteme bacon-curing" or "extreme flames".

But that's the joy of living one of the million stories of the naked city.

And now that I think of it: "Mmmmm, bacon."

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October 20, 2005

office humor

I am usually reticent to write about the wacky goings-on at the dayjob.  Probably the biggest reason for such reticence is my memory of my extended family, back in my teens when I both claimed to be a comedian and also ever saw my extended family, one by one telling me that their own personal place of employment would be great material for a sitcom, because of how "crazy" it was.  Just like every parent thinks that their child is not ugly, even if it is sadly so.

Though of course the "I usually don't do this" intro marks my intention to "do this", so, please let me share the text of an actual e-mail sent out by the dayjob powers-that-be:

Please be careful when dialing not to call 911.  Should you do so by mistake, please talk to the dispatcher and let them know it was an error, or they send out the cops to check.  Thanks!

Very winkyshock, no?

Ohhh, shit!  I just got all Dilbert on ya!

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October 18, 2005


Aren't these protracted absences fun?  Is the author ailing?  Incapacitated with blog fatigue?  Sick to death of all you eyeballs and your eerie "looking" ways?

Nope, was on the road, and I hate pre-confirming or pre-denying trips away because I'm afraid of petty crime.  Stupid burglars.

Was going to write neato things from the city of Chicago, but the wi-fi was very much low-fi, and opening webpages was like trying to fill a bathtub through a straw, so "no way" to that.

Also could've updated from Akron, but I ended up being surprised the amount of fun one can have in Akron.  We'll keep this between ourselves, so there is no mad rush of emigration to Akron.

I've been away from the news as well.  Is anyone indicted yet?

I did finally read the story that had Gawker all a twitter -- old fave Matt Taibbi hitting the K-Hole with, um, Sean Penn.  The good news is that the New Gonzo has a highly-developed sense of ironic self-awareness (surprise!).  There is no bad news.  I like it; taste is subjective; dosages may vary.

Back to the road.

Thanks for playing.

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