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July 13, 2006

ted and julie show

I'm not the boss of you, but do what I say anyway.  If you reside in the greater New York City area, then you would find it rewarding to get thee to the Ted and Julie Show in the next three weeks.  I saw it last night, and it is one of the kinds of shows where everyone laughs until their teeth hurt.  They run for three more Wednesday nights, info at the link above.  (Once they update their website, I'll link that too.)

And if you do not reside in the greater New York City area, well, then, it is not practical for you to go to the Ted and Julie Show, so, I guess you should do whatever it is that you ordinarily do.  Comparison shop?  A nice long night of TV?  Invade Lebanon?

But yeah.  Go see that show.  If you don't like it, I'll write you a poem.

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July 12, 2006

dumb question

This might be banal in light of how it came to my attention, but I can't help wondering.  When exactly did Bombay become Mumbai?  Nothing against the name change -- I can see how Bombay can have some racially patronizing connotations.  And, "Mumbai", that's fine-sounding.

I just thought I woulda heard about it.

The world has joined the conspiracy to make me feel stupid.  Or at least imminentize my previously unknown capacity for stupidity.

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July 11, 2006

the internets have ruined us 07.11.06

It is true; the internets have ruined our lives.

My first thought upon reading about (on a CRT, natch) the death of Syd Barrett:  "Prepare for a day of snarky headlines including some iteration of 'shine on you crazy diamond'".

Don't you see?  My ability to experience Syd Barrett's passing like a normal adult has been obviated by my 24/7/365 (366 in Leap Years) media self-awareness!  All these ones and zeroes flying back and forth have assimilated my forebrain!  How can I lead a happy and productive life when there are twenty million eyeballs staring at the back of my head -- especially when two of those eyeballs are mine?

Ooh, I like this new paranoia.  It's so much better than the "Somewhere, someone is having more fun than I am" dread of the 90s.

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July 10, 2006


If you did not watch the World Cup, then you missed out on a certain amount of grace mainlined into your sports-fan skull.  What is the nature of this grace?  In America, it is the grace of pretending to be European for an afternoon.

I pulled for the French.  Of course, the French did not win, so for my fellow French-pulling football fans, the afternoon was bittersweet.  Partly because of Italy's victory, and partly because of this, a momentary lapse of reason from French star Zinedine Zidane.

I have heard some wonder aloud whether Zidane's foul brought disgrace on France or merely shame.  Me, I say that perhaps headbutting some dude's sternum into shards is more important than a game.  Also, the act involved neither surrendering nor cheese eating, so I would tell the people of France that perhaps Zidane should be embraced and not pilloried.

What sport to watch now?  NASCAR?  Golf?  No, sorry.  Lucha Libra, my friends -- the sport of kings, where headbutts do not bring infamy to a nation.

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