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February 3, 2007

cully stimson still laughs

I found a little good news in a spare moment.  You may remember US Defense Department employee Cully Stimson, who, no, was not the fabled fifth Replacement, but rather the dude who implied that US business concerns should boycott law firms providing pro bono representation to Guantanamo detainees.  (Because nothing could be more American than denying the accused counsel -- in fact, your grandfather died for our right to deny counsel, you dirty hippie!)

Well, the good news is that the motherfucker finally resigned.

Hopefully, the shame upon "Cully" will keep him up nights as he cashes in for some cushy seven-figure job lobbying the Defense Department.

Oh, I guess that would be the bad news, too, wouldn't it?

Posted by mrbrent at 4:06 PM

January 29, 2007

carl hiassen knows more than he lets on

I'm going to poke at that veil of separation between public and personal, w/r/t to this website.  In the past, I avoid the personal, so that I may appear as some mysteriously unproductive professional blog-type person, churning out one or two posts a day, counting the pennies as they roll in from those invisible blogads in the sidebar.  I don't know why I do this -- pride, I guess.  Also, I never liked keeping a diary, if that makes any sense.

So, with that, here are a few things I've learned here at the National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda, MD, over the ast few days:

First, for those patriotic xenophobes out there with their antipathy of brown, ESL people, I'd like to remind you that, if you have a relative in need of dire medical care, there is a substantial chance that such care will be provided by a brown, ESL person.  So when your Family Member gets some condition that requires a little more than some antibiotics, you will have to either reject your hateful stubborn self, or acknowledge that, by accepting such treatment, your Family Member hates America.  Just wanted to let you asswipe America Firsters know that you're still in my heart, even these days.

Second, if you ever get a chance to roam the NIH in the middle of the night, I recommend it.  It's not like a normal hospital; it's got no ER.  Nights and weekends, it is largely deserted.  And at 3:30am, it's a big deserted magical medicine place.  There is little else cooler.

Third, some large measurable portion of all popular fiction must be read in hospitals by attending family members.  The books fly in and out of the lending shelves -- the pattern of available books changes every couple hours.  I'm not sure if this is good news to those of us still favoring books, but, any safe harbor in a storm, etc.

Fourth, whatever was intended by the creator of the "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series (yes, I know his name) is actually better and less cynically acheived by the works of Carl Hiassen.  The balm dosn't always come in the garish box with the letters "BALM" splashed across it.  Hiassen may not be winning any Booker Prizes anytime soon, but a) fiction is just what he does for cash to afford being a newspaperman; and b) he's from Florida.  So am I feeling better a couple hundred pages in?  Yes, I am.  My life is fully-affirmed.  "Chicken Soup" my Aunt Petunia.

Fifth, I've been using "newshole" wrong all these years.  I use it in the sense of the hole I fall in that is totally bereft of news.  (Like now.)  Actually, according to the works of Carl Hiassen, the newshole is instead the amount of space given to actual news in the pages of a newspaper.  I guess I'm about as dumb as I think I am sometimes.

Lastly, no, I won't be able to pump out those two lazy posts a day for a bit.  I'll get back on that horse once the horses are back in the barn.  And yes, I'm down here on behalf of a family illness, so I'm thanking you in advance for your well-wishes (and tips to the news I'm missing), because you're all nice people.  And I'm on a public computer so no spell-check this time, typos be damned.


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