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November 23, 2013

normal service resumes

As much as I'm sure everyone enjoyed twenty-five word posts that consisted of pretty much "I'm on a jury" and nothing else, I'm happy/sad to announce that the freakin' jury I was on, for nine business days, came to verdict at the absolutely last moment yesterday.

And as the verdict came in, that means that I'm actually free to speak to you about the details of the trial.  It was a rape trial, so you can imagine the giggles in that, and I was an alternate juror, which meant that I sat in the box for the entirety of the trial and then was separated from the rest of the jury when we hit deliberations on Wednesday.  Then it was total crushing boredom, as we alternates were similarly not allowed to leave a room concurrently with the jury.  It was a long time to dodge small talk.

The verdict was not guilty of rape, but guilty of sexual assault and menacing.  And it's a good thing I was an alternate, because I believe the People did not meet the reasonable doubt standard on any count, so we'd probably have been deliberating for another week or more.

It was a fascinating (if draining) process, and I recommend it to all you fellow Students of the World.

So now I have to remember how to be a normal person again.

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November 21, 2013

it's a bit of a grind

So the jury is in deliberations, and as one of the alternates, I sit in a separate room, which I cannot leave at all during the day.  If the jury agrees, I could be out today.  But if the jury has trouble agreeing, which seems likely, this could be my foreseeable future.

To which I say, urgh.

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November 19, 2013

he's still there

Up til now "jury duty" would conjure up a quick two day, harmless vacation from work, a chance to get to hang in downtown Brooklyn.

But as I am now on Day Six of being on an actual jury, it's becoming a bit surreal.  It's this weird fugue state, some in-between place.  Not complaining!  But my knowledge of current affairs ends somewhere a week ago.  (Except for Rob Ford news.  Can't miss that!)

And that is exactly all I have time to write, and I am off to the courthouse.

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