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September 11, 2014

funny how these days repeat once a year

Thirteen years is a long time ago.  In fact, I got a bunch of friends that were in high school thirteen years ago, or even middle school.  So yes, it is a very long time ago, but lemme tell you, there was a hot second thirteen years ago (that actually lasted a month or two) when it was impossible to conceive that there was gonna be another thirteen years.  And sure I'm was a sensitive kid and now I'm a sensitive geezer, hey, it was a shitty day!

And people all over the planet have shittier days on a daily basis, and all sorts of NYers had a shittier day than I did way back when, and lo! this is the twelfth time I'm doing this!  And I know that the day will be filled with ill-advised grief-marketing and endless where-were-you-when stories and also a bunch of irreverence bordering on cruelty.  Pretty sure I've been guilty of the last two of those.

But we're lucky to be here, you know?

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September 9, 2014

go vote teachout wu please

It's baby election day!

Well, here in the State of New York, it's primary day — which, and not to wander too far afield here, I will always conflate with 9/11, because that too was a primary day, which primary had to be rescheduled (duh) and is probably a proximate cause for Mike Bloomberg's umpteen years as Hizzoner.

But today's a good primary day, because it's a chance for people of good conscience to give our incumbent governor, Andrew Cuomo, a shot across the bow.

There is very little chance that Cuomo will not win today against his challenger, Zephyr Teachout, a Columbia professor.  But aside from the policies of Cuomo that I find distasteful (charter school support, trickle down economic policies, casinos, fracking), Cuomo has just been a total dick about the primary.  He (or his surrogates, of course) unsuccessfully sued to get her off the ballot, he refuses to so much as say her name let alone debate her, and he went so far as to run and hide from her at a parade on Saturday.  This assholery is indicative of the Nixonian way that he runs Albany.  He needs some egg to wipe off his face.

And, quite frankly, assuming he wins today, he has a long way to go to win me back.  It's a lot of good will burnt, and I will not be used as a liberal strawman for him to bully so that he can keep hopes of running for president alive.  And as far as that goes: good luck with that, pal.

And in addition to these unsavory qualities the current governor possesses, there is the overview of the insidiousness of the process (as pointed out by Lawrence Lessig): Teachout is marginalized not because she is a neophyte or a woman, but because she has not fully participated in the process — that is to say, she has not solicited and obtained millions of dollars of "campaign finance."

And yes, I voted.  In fact, I got a sticker.

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