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February 5, 2015

the only to kill a mockingbird anecdote i need

You are all literary folk, and as such have no doubt treated yourself to an opinion one way or the other concerning the sudden publishing of Harper Lee's second novel.  I myself have an opinion: I would like to see evidence of the clear consent of Harper Lee before her publisher and her lawyer make one red penny off this book.  (Oh hey look it's Bookslut in the NYT!)

But if there's any upside to this, it is that we have all come together and reaffirmed our fondness for "To Kill a Mockingbird," which may well be the most beloved novel of the Twentieth Century.  And it is in that spirit that I share with you perhaps the most moving "To Kill a Mockingbird" anecdote ever.

I have a friend, who is perhaps the most righteous person I know.  She is a longtime legal aid attorney, specializing in protecting tenants who cannot afford legal services in Brooklyn.  She is a bad-ass, and this is not her job but rather her life.  Whenever we run into each other, we chat local and state politics, she fills me in on her latest cases, etc.  I ran into her last night.  Harper Lee came up, and she was much more animated than I'd expect on the topic.  Big Harper Lee fan, I asked.

"It is the only book I read once a year, every year."


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February 4, 2015

hi again

Yes this site has not been updated in a week and a half.  No, it is not because I read this and then had myself a big old Goodbye Cruel World party.

No, what happened is that there was I was getting an error message when I tried to log into the "CMS" (as they call it), so I had a techie friend take a look, and he replied that he couldn't actually fix it, but that there was something up with the MySQL database and to drop a line to my host.

Which I did!  But I did it a week later, because I distract easily and even though it feels like I am doing nothing at all I also am impossibly busy.  (Plus there was also the Super Bowl, which should just be renamed the Weekend of Getting Nothing Done.)

And it was really cold!  Did I mention that?

So yeah I emailed the host yesterday and they fixed it in literally (as in "for real" and not as in however it's used today) five minutes.  Emailed as I was wrapping up to leave the office, put on my boots, put stuff in my messenger bag, and there's the email: "All fixed."  It is very dizzying in this world when a customer service event not only proceeds without complication but also exceeds expectations.  (Total Choice Hosting is the host, I should add.)

What'd I miss?

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