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September 30, 2015

what got me this morning 9.30.15

Here's what got me this morning.

And it's always the little things that get you, never the big things. Like the fact that every Western military power is taking potshots with air/drone strikes in either Syria or Afghanistan or Iraq? That should get me. But no, every generation gets the "Catch-22" it deserves. That's not what got me.

What got me is the lawyers of Kim Davis deciding that no news cycle is complete without some alleged news of Kim Davis, be it a sham support rally in Peru or some even more spurious appeal in the long line of spurious appeals filed in U.S. District Court. No, today, the news was that she had a secret meeting with Pope Francis in D.C. And why it got me is, well, here comes another day of talking about Kim Davis.

Which is the obvious strategy of the Liberty Counsel, her pro bono attorneys, who have been litigating this in the court of public opinion since the actual court has not been so receptive. And of course by "public opinion" I mean the opinions of people who already agree, think freedom is a tangible thing, know Obama is Muslim, etc. As for the rest of us, we all pretty much agree that the lady can do whatever she wants in her free time, but on the clock she needs to do her job. And if she doesn't like her job, she should quit. But the Liberty Counsel has no actual interest in the welfare of Kim Davis, but rather they were looking for a sucker in whose name they could file, and Kim Davis is the best they could do.

Anyhow, this is clearest explanation of what we know and what we can only surmise, and the only party talking about what happened is the Liberty Counsel, so it's pretty apparent that the Liberty Counsel is very interested in promulgating this story.

So I have no more insight than anyone other than the Pope on this one, as the Holy See is declining to confirm, deny or comment further. But I do know this: two people meeting and exchanging pleasantries for fifteen seconds is not a big fucking deal. I mean, in the four days he was stateside, how many fifteen second "meetings" do you think the Pope had? From my own personal perspective, just to skip in front of the decades of film premieres and 24 Hour Plays and ComicCons I've been involved with (and the celebrities that I "met" in connection therewith, in 1980 when the Duke Boys were all the rage I had my photo taken at some event in rural WV with John Schneider and Catherine Bach. I have not and will not take that as an endorsement of me by Bo or Daisy Duke, and I'm pretty sure that Schneider/Bach had/have no idea who on earth I am.

Happily, the logical conclusion of this is right there out in the open: Davis will quickly become more enamored with being a celebrity than being a dupe and will leave Liberty Counsel behind when she realizes that there are advocates she can hire that will actually get her paid and a radio show right before Joe the Plumber's without risking her to go to jail again. And then the Liberty Counsel, they'll have to go find another sucker, maybe concoct a meeting with the ghost of Ronald Reagan for the next one.

But they will keep losing in court. Because the law is not on their side.

Posted by mrbrent at 11:19 AM