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October 21, 2015

uncle joe biden

All of those jokes on Twitter and Facebook and everywhere else about Joe Biden, and the will-he or won't-he and then the obvious deluge of the calling-outs of insiders who got it wrong? Predictable and yet still entertaining. Which is pretty much the world now, isn't it? A vocal social media minority, bumping around in the dark trying to get that Really Good One out there, rack up some RTs, gobble down some whuffie.

I am course am one of the idiots milling around like cattle, admittedly. And my sentiment on wishing that Joe could still get to participate in the debates, like a college kid audits a class, was not entirely a joke. Joe's light on his feet and has been pitying fools in debates for decades. And I wasn't even thinking of Joe against Hillary — no slouch herself — but more against whoever the GOP somehow finagles past Trump and Carson. Joe utterly destroyed Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan, but both were in way over their heads. It's not fair (to us) that we won't get to see Joe debate circles around a Jeb Bush or a Marco Rubio. But then again I never really wanted to vote for Joe. I just wanted to keep him around, for his aura and his jolly loose-cannon speaking style, and mostly for his empathy. I can't think of a more magnetic retail politician, and I'm including Hillary's husband.

Ultimately, being Joe Biden may not be as cool as being the President of the United States, but it's pretty damn cool. There are a lot worse things to be.

Posted by mrbrent at 1:02 PM