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March 4, 2005

four month high, dude

I don't want anyone's nose to bump into a little optimisim this morning, but check this shit:  We are at the top of a four month high!

It's true!  US business has created more jobs than any time in the last four months!  That's, like, over a hundred days!

You, my friends, I will meet tonight, as we commence the partying in the streets, to celebrate our ecomony's four month high in job creation!  Woo!

That's right -- woo!

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March 3, 2005

in your face, gen y

A brief message from Gen X, courtesy of Yahoo!'s Box Of Headlines:
• Law firms question 'Gen Y' work ethic

Ooh, that one's so good, I'll even give the linkNow who's the slack motherfucker, Gen Y?

Oh, wait.  I'm the slack motherfucker.

But still!

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gooood morning back atcha

Quick!  Think of the least likely phrase that you'd ever see contained in the Yahoo! Box Of Headlines.  Wait, wait, don't tell me. 
• Luxury hotel opens at Hitler's alpine retreat

You were thinking "Hitler's alpine retreat", right?

I know I was.

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March 2, 2005

recommended reading

In light of the recent death of Dr. Thompson, I have a reading to recommend.

If the intersection of journalism and weirdness is as enthralling to you as it is to me, you will enjoy this.  [Via Romanesko]

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March 1, 2005

nothing funny here

A diarist on DailyKos makes what I would call a super-good point here.

Natch, the point is made perhaps differntly than I would, but the point remains.  The post refers to this story, which I read about this morning and had been meaning to research further.  Nutshell: federal judge in Illinois comes home to find the bodies of her husband and mother.  Maybe a random tragic story, but the same judge (and her family) have been subject to threats from white supremacists.  In fact, one dude is waiting to be sentenced after being convicted of trying to pay an undercover fed to kill her.  The story unfolds; the implications remain.

But is it not fair to call this an act of terrorism?  (That is, of course, if white power types are responsible.)  In this case of the possibility of murderous force applied with the intention of terrorizing the opponents of an ideology, why is there no media hysteria?  Does it take an alleged phone call from bin Laden before a terrorist act can be fully labelled "terrorism"?

A sick fuck is a sick fuck.  Sure, we New Yorkers sleep with nightmares of the car bomb, but is that any less terrible than the law enforcement and judiciary members who have to live with the prospect of anonymous retribution from around-the-bend zealots?

It seems like an issue not worth getting upset about -- after all, no one in the media is applauding the Lefkow murders.  But it's about more than who gets ink.  It's about having the bogeyman of the Islamist terrorist promoted to the exclusion of all the other bad guys in the world.  It's about getting to name your own nemesis.

The men and women of the white power movement are pernicious little fucks, and they've more than proven that they are willing to resort to violence.  Among their stated aims is seccession, or overthrow, or some other interest that countermands the greater interest of this nation state that we call home.  Hopefully, our new Attorney General will devote as much attention to them as he plans on devoting to pornography.

And sincere condolences to Judge Lefkow, along with my respect and admiration to the men and women who do that job.  They toil under a heavy responsibility, and the best ones perform their offices with fairness and bravery.  All the little kids should look up to them.

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written and published by trained seals

I just discovered my new favorite trick.

Which is, of course, writing a post, saving it as a draft and walking around for the rest of my life thinking that I posted it.  When I haven't.  So, there's a couple of new old ones.

I'm just tryin' ta keep 'em on their toes, and nothing confuses quite like incompetence.

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now, with less killing

Imagine my suprise to walk into a good news top story this morning.  Really: much surprise.  Can't remember the last time I started a day with good news reported.  Signing of the Magna Carta?  That was good news, yes?

The Supreme Court upheld its reputation as the craaaaziest playa inna game by ruling unconstitutional the execution of those whose capital crimes were committed prior to turning 18 years of age.  Crazy?  They so unpredictable, you don't know which way the next decision gonna go.  It's like Clint Eastwood and that orangutan!  See, the current term of the Supremes is considered a conservative court -- not only is curtailing the death penalty counter-intuitive to them, but they also ruled substantially on what could be considered a state's rights issue, which I understand is the kind of issue on which the Court is hesitant to leave its mark.  I could be wrong: I'm a lova, not a legal historian.

But yipee, right?  It's a little national forward motion against the death penalty, which is the wrongest thing in wrongland.  Though very popular.  Amongst those who think of themselves as "moral values" voters.

To whom I'd like to say that I have mooore than enough irony to go around.

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February 28, 2005

welcome to weather

If you're reading this and you live roughly east of the Mississippi River in the U.S., well, it's snowing.  For that reason, I think we should cancel all intermural sports for the afternoon and evening.

Yes, even ultimate frisbee.

I know, it kind of derogates from the "ultimate" in ultimate frisbee to not play ultimate frisbee in a blizzard.  Think of the "ultimate" as more of a guideline than a rule.

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apologies, much like cookie cutter

There was a brief service interruption last week, I discover.  Well, by "discover", I mean, visit Titivil and discover that it's real old.  And, by "service interruption", I mean that I didn't write anything.  Sorry -- too busy prepping for not watching the Oscars.

Which, actually, I now have down to a science.  About five days before I ebark on the debate whether it's still cool (or not cool, as the case may be) to not watch the Oscars.  This involves a number of clumsy cultural temperature taking actions, like, whining to friends, watching TV and surfing the internets.  Then on the Saturday I decide that I'll do something all crazy on the night of the Oscars, like go to an actual movie theater.  Of course, that's never followed up on due to the tortured one whiskey too many while coming to grips with the most stirring question of consciense ever!  And playing pool.  Then, night of, Mrs. Titivil watches while I try to be in other rooms, doing other things, but inevitably darting in to watch choice bits and overhearing the entire show.

To sum up: this year it was indeed cool to not watch the Oscars, which I did (not), and Chris Rock was very good I thought, successful in only pissing off Sean Penn.  Who not only hates unprovoked unilateral invasions of sovereign nations, but also making fun of good-natured and ubiquitious British actors.  Grrrr!

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