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March 17, 2005

derek smalls blogs

If you stroll the political blogs, you might have noticed that Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo has been hitting the Jolt Cola pretty hard.  Not to take away from Josh's efforts, but dude-man has been obssessing himself hell-hard on the issue of Social Security.  Like, eight posts a day, two at night -- anti-privatization posts 365/7, and 366 on leap years.

Consequently, if you are not in the mood for the news of the fight for the very soul of Social Security, you've probably been skipping the TPM.  Like I have.

(Not that I am without stance on Social Security: I think it's hilarious!  The only reason Wall Street is desperate for the SS money is because there is no money left.  Twenty years after convincing Joe Sixpack that the Market is the best place for his disposable income, now Joe's tapped out.  If the Street can't find more money fast, bubbles will pop.  And don't get me started on how our currency lives and dies at the whim of China.  Hoo boy.)

(That is the extent of my fake knowledge of econimics, but for the fact that I want more money.)

Now, Josh is off getting married.  In his place for the weekend is Harry Shearer.  Yes, that Harry Shearer.

So, if you're a fan, govern yourself accordingly.  And best of luck to Josh Marshall.  Rest the freakin typing fingers, man.

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March 16, 2005

it's not a crutch if it helps you walk -- oh, wait

The Yahoo! Box of Headlines sometimes raises more questions that answers:
• Robert Blake acquitted of wife's murder
• Scott Peterson gets death sentence

Well, what about Robert Peterson?  And what about Scott Blake?  Aren't you forgeting somethings?

And how can you call yourself a Box of Headlines if you can only give us the fates of two accused murders per day!

America wants more news, but only with murder trials!  Can't you understand, you piece of shit box of headlines?

Ahh, you're not even a real fucking box.

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bravo, bravo

Face it, "jump the shark" jumped the shark years ago.  In fact, the mere concept of the phrase "jump the shark" jumping the shark probably has also jumpred the shark somewhere along the line, which may well make me an inadvertent plagiarist.

But if you take one mildly amusing but rapidly ageing basic cable makeover show, and then add it to a baseball team of whom I am hugely supportive but whose ongoing World Series celebration is also rapidly ageing, then you get this.

Which is like a really trippy Magic Eye image of sharks jumping over sharks jumping over even other sharks.

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March 15, 2005

seriously, i do

Yahoo! Box of Headlines action alert:
• Billy Joel enters alcohol rehabilitation program

Dude, I hope Billy Joel's alcohol comes out okay.

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how they long for the days of the rubber stamp judges

Sometimes, we link because someone else wrote what you wanted to say.  (Not because we're lazy).  And not that these old Internets are turning into an echo box or anything, oh, no sirree.  There's just as wide array of folk who agree with me as there are folk who diametrically oppose me.

Meet again one of those in agreement: John Rogers, or Kung Fu Monkey, if you weeel, writes about activist judges.  He is smart and right.

It's best that John posted my thoughts before I did.  Whenever I write about judges I get all gooshy.

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March 14, 2005

A clumsy social error; a faux pas

Yahoo! Box of Headlines on the Atlanta court shootings:
• Security gaffes cited in Ga. courthouse spree

Sorry, Yahoo!, but where we come from (we humans), a "security gaffe" would be something like calling the prisoner by the wrong first name, or a bailiff having his fly open, or something like that.  That's what we humans mean when we say "gaffe".  The result of a "security gaffe" would be embarrassed tittering, blushing and feelings of "I'm such a dumbass, I'll never live this down."

If any involved in the "security gaffe" actually do not live it down, then it is not a gaffe.  It is a monumental error, or a collosal fuck-up.

In fact, even using "gaffe" when describing the causes of the Atlanta court shootings is not a gaffe -- it is a monumental error, etc.

Maybe I expect too much from the Yahoo! content robots.  Indeed.

Posted by mrbrent at 6:46 PM

tramp the dirt down

I spend waaayyyy too much time thinking about Tom DeLay.  For seven years now, by my reckoning.  He represents everything that is incredulous and over-the-top about the current administration -- the only thing more scary than his zealotry is the direct relationship between said zealotry and his success.  In 1998, he was one of the lead fuckos who decided that the proper congressional reaction to losing a presidential election was to engineer an impeachment over a blowjob.  But the evil inherent in that act was not overt enough for Delay, no.  In order to really show the commies how things were going to be, he sent a cadre of staffers to Miami to storm some recounts in 2000.  And as the implausibility of his acts grew, so did his power.  From local exterminator, to representative, to House whip, then majority leader, and now super-villain.  And every time I thought to myself, "How can an elected official get away with something like that," his bad behavior would be rewarded with votes, or power.

Well, finally it seems that he's about to be rewarded with something he actually deserves: boot-to-the-head!  Or at least more ethics charges, and maybe an indictment.

I guess what I really want to say is, "Eat hot political lead, Tom DeLay, and tell Dan Rostenkowski I said hi when you run into him."

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