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April 16, 2005

the forces of righteousness

Sadly, the forces of righteousness have uncovered our insidious plan.  You doubt?  Get all clicky with this, and you'll see.  No longer shall we, along our friends in the judiciary, be able to conspire in darkness to abridge the constitutional right of the righteous to enjoy "faith in Christ" unmolested!  No longer may we secretly plot to harrass and hinder people of faith (no, not that faith, you know the one I mean) at every opportunity!  Their steadfastness, coupled with their Jesus super-powers, has shed a Christ-light on our dark endeavors, revealing them to a skeptical world!

And we would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those forces of righteousness!  And their dog.

But seriously, folks, wow.  Welcome to my windmill for the next few weeks.  The background is that conservative flavored Christians have been making these noises, well, forever, but since the president beat the spread in November, certain public servants are either being leveraged into taking these complaints of prejudice against Christians to a whole new level.  (Under "leverage" we wil include "crazy enough in the first place"}.  The conference linked above will have Sen. Bill Frist, the highest-ranking Republican in the Senate, as its keynote torch-waver and pitchfork-shaker.  Because he wants to run for president, and a few blowjobs to the forces of righteousness never hurt.

My preliminary recommendation to the forces of righteousness:  There are plenty of theocracies out there -- like Iran, for example, or the old Taliban-run Afghanistan.  So love it or leave it, bitches, and send me a postcard upon arrival.

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more than you want to know

My sentimentality is swollen and itchy. Though fortunately mitigated by what they call "wisdom", or something of the like.

Walking home from the market this morning, there was a LP sleeve lying on the sidewalk -- "Dream Of The Blue Turtles" by Sting.  It came out in '84 or '85, and I was a person of a certain age -- high schoolish.  And I not only owned this LP (on cassette), but I took to playing it often on my "Walkman" -- a new-fangled but indispensible device -- and even would've called myself, at the time, a fan.  Of Sting.  And the bleak meaningfullity of his Stingy face staring out in shades of blue on the front of the cassette, and his very important handwritten titles, liner notes and lyrics.

All of which raises the important issue of why there was no one in my life to slap me around for being a fan of Sting.  Really, someone should've picked me off the ground by my ears and started shaking me back in forth.  Decades later I discovered that, at the same time in the same city, kids my age were sneaking into clubs to see the Replacements, and Husker Du.  While I was out in the suburbs, in my parachute jacket, setting off on a long journey of confusing fear with chastity.

All of which raises the further issue of at which age one begins to lie to the biographers.

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April 15, 2005

jibba jabba

I'm back.  And married.  Sorry, stalkas.

I realize that I should've foreshadowed my absence by saying that I would be "off the grid", as I've seen that phrase bandied about by all the smart kids.  Yet another in my endless series of "l'esprit de escalier" moments (pardon my French, which is truly atrocious).  But I was truly off the grid, as they allow no external media or information during that process of "wedding", except for maps, schedules and spinning of "The Chicken Dance" that we made the DJ promise he wouldn't play, without effect.

Hopefully, all future rants and postings will slowly start to resemble the Andy Capp comic strip, as marriage slowly infects my sensibilities.

Rolling pins ho!

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