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April 7, 2005

see you soon

There will be a service interruption.  It's not mysterious or anything -- I just gotta go get married.

Posted by mrbrent at 1:08 PM

April 5, 2005

i cannot escape the pope

My streak of unwitting serial posts continues.  Today was a beautiful day to not post about the Pope.  Really, if you can ignore the newspaper and the television and the Pope's shooter scrouging for an invite and two million Poles who can't be wrong, there is a plurality of other things to write about.

Like, for example, the stresses of planning a wedding, especially when the Prince of Wales decides to get married the day before I do, even though I've been engaged for months and months (what's the British idiom -- "oodles"?) longer than Bonny Prince Chuck, which is then mitigated by the fact that the royals are moving the date of their wedding to the exact date of my wedding, ratcheting the irksome up to downright irksome.  Why are they moving their date?

Because of the Pope, of course. 


Also I just had my first cup of coffee since I got sick two weeks ago.  It makes my stomach all hurty.

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April 4, 2005

all pope all the time

Me to Yahoo Box of Headlines: yikes!
• Pope's body moved

And I thought the Pope was dead!  That is some spooky shit.

Hey, I'm sorry to be all on the Pope and his death and everything, but if this "God" is as cool as everyone says, he's certainly not gonna mind a few jokes.

And all you prospective Popes: the best possible thing to do is snap at Simon when he goes bitchy on you.  The crowd eats it up.

Posted by mrbrent at 1:16 PM

he said "penis"

Why would I link Gawker?  Surely if it's in Gawker, then you've already heard about it.

Gawker is good at linking Drudge.  You know, Matt Drudge.  The most devout American alive.

And I'm not so good at linking Drudge.  So I just pass it along.

Posted by mrbrent at 11:15 AM