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April 1, 2005

more stupid death

The hysteria of the day is just deafening, man.  Just deafening.

I just hope all those people standing around looking for That Sign ("The Pope is dead!"  "Long live the Pope!") remember that today is April Fool's Day.

Like there's such a thing as a Pope.

Posted by mrbrent at 4:21 PM

March 30, 2005

IYI 3.30.05

File this one under "if you're interested".  Nothing entertaining here, only a brief explanatory note about who kidnapped me, what they wanted, and how my genius won my release and saved the day.  I only caution because I'm not entirely convinced that writing about such stupid personal stuff is very seemly, as far as these amatuer writey endeavors go.

So, to wit, I got sick.  And I don't just mean sick -- I got sick like I don't get sick.  Into bed last Wednesday afternoon, followed by 18 hours of sleep a day for six days.  Volcanic fever, sweats, chills, no eating, lots of fluids.  It was the kind of sick I used to joke about as the only proper time to read Proust -- a week of bedrest -- though the joke was on me, as I never felt like reading.  Or even watching television.  Though I did spend a very prosperous night with BBC America as I sweated out a nasty case of the night chills.  The Saint, The Avengers and The Persueders, on heavy ro til dawn, easily as close to hallucinations as you want to come (unwillingly).

As a consequence, I'm behind on the news.  Like, the last thing I remember it was 1987.  And lemme tell ya, this is one groovy world you wacky Americans built in my absence.  All I'm really missing are the flying cars.

And there is no answer as to what I was sick with, as I never sought a professional diagnosis.  Our best guess is either a muscular flu or menopause.

I will try to return to a more normal schedule of posting, as my head clears.  Or rather, as I fight vainly to retain this post-illness innocent worldview, which I find quite diverting.

Posted by mrbrent at 11:40 AM

March 29, 2005

bitter news indeed

I go away for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose:
• Russell Crowe's band breaks up

I'm back on my feet, but not soon enough for Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts.

Posted by mrbrent at 8:36 AM