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July 14, 2005

this rove fever is making me dizzy

I have been wearing my eyeballs out with the reading up on the Rove.  It seems like days now.  Oh, that's right.  It's been days.

Only cogent thought of newness is that Rove can't be happy that Rove's face is everywhere, on the TVs and in the papers.  Surely somewhere in Rove's "pay no attention to the man behind the curain" guidebook it says something about not flagging attention to the man behind the curtain.  Especially when the man behind the curtain has a smirking, doughy face that actually transmits smug imperiousness.

It's very heart-warming that guys like Ken Mehlman are swearing their eternal devotion to Rove, but their reckless use of the "hero" word cannot play well.  The regular guy charisma that has served the Republican Party so well, from Reagan to Bush to (icky) DeLay, is not present anywhere in Rove and his face like a sack of doorknobs.

For the public face of the GOP to trot around with Rove on their shoulders is a bad, bad idea.

But, please.  Don't stop on my account.

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July 13, 2005

go ahead, goyal

My old friend Monk seems as entertained by the spectacle of this week's press gaggles as anyone.  In his most recent post, he manages to make the most disturbing analogy to the Education of Scott McClellan that I can imagine.  (Hey Monk: nice shot.)  But how can we tell what good taste is unless we press drive the content right up to the cliff and see if gravity works?

How, I ask you?

If you are as riveted by the ongoing process of a beaten and broken White House press corps deciding, as one, that a certain press secretary is not leaving DC with his testicles attached to his groinal region, then by far the best resource is FisbowlDC.  His attendence of the press conferences combined with his willingness to throw thousands of words at the topic make for some pretty valuable posting.

For example, today he offers a complete rundown of today's intervention, along with a detailed analysis of McClellan's favorite subject changers now that the briefing room is down one pseudonymous rentboy.

Also, have you noticed, in photos, that Karl Rove's head is the size of a container for a normal-sized human head?  I forget whose joke I'm stealing, but he originally used it to refer to Ted Kennedy.  But Kennedy's head -- that's all skull and broken capillaries.  Rove's head looks like there's bubble wrap wound a couple inches thick between bone and skin.

Remember, we only cheapshot Karl Rove because he breached national security for a purely political purpose.  I know the talking points are stressing that he may not have broken an actual law, but I'm comfortable calling it what it is.


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bring a good book, bernie

Somewhere, someone will contend that Bernie Ebber's twenty-five year prison sentence for the eleven billion dollar WorldCom accounting fraud is excessive.  They will be wrong.

Say Shitbird A holds up some dude and makes off with one hundred dollars.  Later, Shitbird A is arrested, tried and convicted.  We will generously assume that Shitbird A is sentenced to five years.  This is all hypothetical, of course, but I feel comfortable that a five year sentence is possible in the case of a theft/robbery or one hundred dollars.

So, then if we agree with Cicero (thank you NYT crossword) that the punishment should fit the crime, then the sentence that Ebbers should actually receive for his direct responsibility in the theft of eleven billion dollars should actually be five hundred and fifty million years.

So, to all you fans of the billionaire CEOs of the world, crying alongside Bernie Ebbers, I say this:  He got a sentence a couple hundred million years less than he deserved.

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yes, elves

The New York Times today ran a very interesting story, a story about elves.

Consequently, I spent a portion of my morning reading, reading about elves.

I'm a strong proponent of the idea that the world needs to get weirder before it gets better.  Still, I did not anticipate that this Wednesday would be a Wednesday in which I was reading, reading about elves.

The link is here [reg req, good until 7/20/05], so that you, yourself, can read, read about elves.

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July 12, 2005

karl rove

I've been asked if I am following the Karl Rove/Matthew Cooper/Judith Miller/Joseph Wilson/Valerie Plame/Patrick Fitzgerald?/Scott McClellan story.

The answer: yes I am.  At the current time, I've got little to add that differs from the thousands and thousands of words written about it all over the Internets.  But it sure is fun to watch.

Two brief points: (i) the White House Press corps is jumping all over the story like a bunch of kidnapped boy scouts attacking their captors, and the hubbub meter wouldn't be quite so high without this sudden journalistic irrational exuberance; and (ii) I hope that Scott McClellan never gets pulled over with a half-smoked joint in the vehicle, as Scottie saying, "I never seen that shit before in my life, and I have no idea how it got in my car," could only inspire gales of laughter -- you'd think an inveterate liar could, you know, lie better than that.

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not many "london burning" titles, i'd bet

Yesterday, I contemplated a world with no more comment on the London bombings.  Thanks to Kev in the UK, I was wrong.

Kev brought to my attention this link, which details how last Friday US military brass issued a travel restriction on US troops in England.  Travel restriction?  "Don't go to London.  Things blow up there."

This restriction (since lifted) is of course enormously offensive in light of the US government's messages of solidarity, and hugs, and hand-holding -- like keeping two arms' length distance from the person you're giving flowers and a card to, because you don't want to inadvertently catch their herpes.  Silly US military!  You can't catch herpes like that!

UK reaction to the news is not exactly ecstatic.  As Kev puts, in his e-mail to me:

What sort of country has armed forces that are too scared to visit it's chief allies' capital city? Talking the talk, but not prepared to walk the walk.  And sadly, reinforcing every prejudice that the British have had about the American forces since WWI.

"All Brits Now?"  I don't think so.

Nice job, military dudes.

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July 11, 2005

last word on london

Did you know that some folk are referring to last Thursday's bombings as "7.7"?  Isn't that just the cutest fucking thing?

Thankfully, Warren Ellis digs up what I hope will be the final word on this little chapter of "hugs across the ocean".

Find it here.

"Hang on Kitty!"

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grammar gonna getchoo

It may well be too early in the week to split hairs.  But I think that the phrase "in shootout" appended to a headline implies that all of the actors mentioned in said headline are firing at each other.

Which elevates this little bit of Yahoo! Headline Container goodness...

• L.A. police kill toddler, gunman in shootout
...from the tragic to the macabre.

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