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October 12, 2006

the president is not an itelligent man

This is an excerpt from President Bush's press conference of yesterday.  In this excerpt, the President demonstrates that he is a man of letters.
Q:  Mr. President.  You spoke of the troubles in Iraq.  And as you know, we have Woodward and we have a shelf full of books about Iraq, and many of them claim that administration policies contributed to the difficulties there.  So I'm wondering, is there anything you wish you would have done differently with regard to Iraq?

THE PRESIDENT:  Speaking about books, somebody ought to add up the number of pages that have been written about my administration. There's a lot of books out there -- a lot.  I don't know if I've set the record, or not, but I guess it means that I've made some hard decisions and will continue to make hard decisions.

Thank you, Mr President, for whining and bragging at the same time.

The President's stunning lack of knowledge concerning the number of published books concerning specific administrations notwithstanding, I would like to assert that there is no causal relationship between making a hard decision and books being written about you.  Why, not two hours ago I had to decide between pizza and sushi for lunch.  That was a hard decision.  And, sadly, no books about me yet.

Also, for a fun exercise, go to Amazon and search "George W. Bush".  Then search "Stalin".

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October 11, 2006

chris wallace is a dick

Chris Wallace is still a dick.  Here, see for yourself.  No other point, really.  Just that Chris Wallace is a dick.

I know, "Who's Chris Wallace?"  Basically, he's that dick on Fox News.

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October 10, 2006

this is that

If you're like me, the swirl of political news is deafening.  Just deafening.  So I give you a few links of pertinent novelty -- maybe stuff you won't hear by the water cooler.

What exactly is a "water cooler", anyway?

First off, the what may-or-may-not have been a nuke test in the Korean penninsula.  Apparently, the GOP line today was that the North Korean nuke capability is the responsibility of the Clinton Administration, all those years ago.  Well, my layman's understanding is that Clinton engaged the North Koreans diplomatically, thus stalling their WMD development.  And then Bush came in and broke every treaty that Clinton entered because, well, I guess he would have been a pussy not to do so, or something.  For the more-than-layman understanding of this, read this bit here, and this, both from Josh Marshall's site, which is a fine, intelligent site even though it still links the "Bull Moose".

And you're probably about as sick to death of the page-fucking scandal as I am, but, it's fun to watch the bastards scurry to the appropriate dark corner to wait for the right moment to stab their caucus in the back.  (Seriously, I am sick of it.  Of the billion reasons to want these fine, evil men out of power, the cover-up of Tom Foley is much more symptom than disease.  But, whatever works.)  But this link (from Americablog) concerns a GOP water-carrier decrying "secret Republican homosexuals".  What was their intention?  To "to infiltrate and manipulate the party apparatus while they publicly postured as friends of family values and traditional marriage."

Dude, that was how they stole the vote for the past years?  Because of the secret Republican homosexuals?

Well, don't get too comfortable with the impending Democrat landslide.  From Wonkette:

Even if the idiot Democrats don’t screw it up by themselves, the Republicans will win anyway, because they own the voting machines.

Go with peace, unless you're my neighbors, in which case, turn the fucking "hardcore techno" down, please.

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quick look busy the boss is

As the seasons change in Washington DC, so does the topic, the Administration hopes.  Desperate for an issue that does not involve page-fucking, or an Abramoff-led slush fund, or a crazy North Korea armed with crazier nukes, the White House would very much like you to hey look, the Queen of France!

Let us lead with the lede:

Compelled to respond to a spike in school violence, the Bush administration is hoping that a high-profile summit will get the word out about safety.  President Bush called for Tuesday's conference after three shooting rampages in two weeks unnerved the nation.  Communities in Colorado, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are still grieving.

Yes, that is exactly what I think the first job of the unitary executive is: to call for conferences when the nation gets unnerved.  And also to get the word out about safety!

This is another glaring example of what passes for leadership in early 21st Century America -- looking busy.  A "conference" achieves absolutely nothing but for to make the participants (and the organizer) appear first of all concerned, and second of all active.  Old white guys in suits will be standing at some podium after this "conference", and they will be looking grim and determined into the cameras, and an anxious nation of parents of school-age children will finally sleep a peaceful night's rest.

Discussion of the efficacy of such "conferences" actually begs the question of the need for panic, or concern.  The issue at hand is violence in a nation's schools.  Unless the violence is the handiwork of a shadowy organization bent on killing every schoolchild in America, this is not so much a systemic problem.  No one is raised thinking that shooting up high schools is acceptable; there are no TV shows or movies glorifying sex and attacking the student body.  The problem is instead a problem of crazy fuckers -- crazy, school-shooting fuckers.  And while it might be a profitable conversation to have ("Why are there crazy fuckers?"), this is not the context of the "conference".  Instead there will be cracked-out suggestions of more cops in schools, and even more cracked -out suggestions to arm teachers.  I say attack the root of the problem.  No more schools, no more school shootings.  Surely science can come up with some better, more chemical way to indoctrinate our children, while shielding them from the possibility of being shot by a crazy fucker.

Also keep in mind that schoolchildren are also endangered by meteorites, and errant taxicabs.  More "conferences" please -- how can we sit idly by while meteorites and taxicabs threaten our kids?

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October 9, 2006

now this is novelty

I just now noticed that everything I posted last week has been wiped.  It's gone, man, gone.

What did I write last week?  I can't remember.  Was it any good?  Maybe there's a cache somewhere I can find.

Maybe this is not a tech issue.  Maybe this is a "temporal anomaly" issue.  Can someone please confirm that last week actually happened?

[LATER, THAT AFTERNOON.]  I was hoping for a real interesting explanation, like "I got hacked" or "forget that last week happened.  I did not get one.  My host's dog apparently ate all the ones and zeroes, which I information I had to ask for, about which I am not pleased.  I did however find the posts cached in search engines, which means that I get to spend today reformatting and reposting them.  Whee.

So anyone on a feed, I apologize for the redundancy.  Also, any links to anything last week will come up with an error page -- I am too stupid to figure out how to fix.  Thank my host.

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