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October 26, 2006

"inside baseball"?

This is ironic, but only in the Alanis Morissette sense.  Gawker has been posting a series of anecdotes concerning the alleged misbehaviors of long-time big deal magazine editor Joe Dolce.  These posts accuse him of douchebaggery and asshattery.  In the most recent post, the first commenter opens fire (reprinted in its entirety):
Are you guys familiar with the term "inside baseball"?  As in, "This topic might be too 'inside baseball' for our viewers at home, but [insert discussion of MLB salary arbitration]..."?  I don't care if Joe Dolce is an asshat or douchebag (although I'd be interested in a detailed explication of the distinctions between those two terms) and this line of postings seems remarkable only for how esoteric and "inside baseball" it has become.

I am reasonably certain that the editors of Gawker are familiar with the term "inside baseball".  In fact, I think it's in Denton's business plan.

Later, the commenter went on to send a letter to the editor of the New York Times, wondering why they publish "so much news".

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October 24, 2006

crazy human space travel stunt

This is a cool little nothing.  From the Ellis site that you're sick of me yammering on about, a very interesting couple of photos of the last shuttle launch.

As you look at the photos, keep this in mind -- our current conception of trans-atmospheric travel is to put some folk in a little can, and then put that can on top of a building's worth of chemical explosives, and then blow up the explosives.  This perspective, of course, is also Ellis-originating.

But it's still worth a ponder.

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October 23, 2006

these are the stakes, sure

Dude, I so wish I was running for office this cycle.  Just so I could have the honor of being the target of as insipid of an ad campaign as the GOP is running right now.

Seriously, even the Crazified Twenty Percent will watch the ad, with the ominous music and the smiling face of bin Laden and the "Vote for us or else" vibe, and start to wonder exactly how stupid the GOP thinks he/she is.

Without the general sense of imminence that Republicans have grown accustomed to (and profited greatly from), their appeal is revealed to be divorced from any legitimate argument.  Before, it was all, "Vote for us -- we win."  Now that their fortunes are in doubt, the best they can manage is, "Here are some bad guys we failed to apprehend.  Remember how you always vote for us anyway?"

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