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December 30, 2006

and they say this week is a slow news week

So we hanged a few guys.  I hope everyone feels proud, maybe a couple "we kill people" parties will be thrown.  I haven't even surfed yet to find out who is breaking their elbows patting themselves on the back for murdering a couple evil bastards, and hopefully, when I do, I can keep my little dog from eating my sick before I clean it up.

Sorry, patriots, but death penalties are just wrong.  It's tough to export your "liberty" and "freedom" when your national moral code is stuck somewhere in the Sixth Century.  And I'm not sticking up for the evil (now murdered) guys -- what's worse, a clean quick death, or growing old, alone?  So to you strawmen who would call me a pansy or whatever, you can kiss my hateful ass, 'cause I am a vicious little shit even though I adhere to a pretty high moral standard.

And while we're thinking of atrocities and how society continues to let us down, over and over, I give you this link, which whispers of how men can rise above on occasion.  [Via Cardhouse.]

Posted by mrbrent at 12:34 PM