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December 2, 2004


Yes, there has been a slowdown.  There will continue to be a slowdown.  Why?  For reason of you got your chocolate in my peanut butter!

Amateur writey activities will recommence upon cessation of chocolate/peanut butter hostilities.

Posted by mrbrent at 10:34 AM

November 30, 2004

dear media 11.30.04

Dear Media:

I woke up this morning feeling guilty that I haven't written you lately.  I was dreaming about that Iraq War that we had six or so months ago, and it made me think of you.

Those were the days, that whole war thing, right?  I know a lot of us lefties were runnin' around, yellin' about how the unliateral invasion of a sovereign state weakened by eleven years of UN sanction was not only wrong but also not exactly a military act with a high degree of difficulty.  But you kept up with your patriotic drum beating, ensuring that the only thing that was going to undermine our troops was the incompetence of the Defense Department.

And we all shared a sigh of relief when you and the President reported that the mission was accomplished.  It was pretty funny when it turned out that the "mission" was the staged destruction of all graven likenesses of Saddam.  Yeah, we laughed pretty hard about that.

I especially want to thank you, Media, for all the doughy old white guys whose opinions you report to us with alarming regularity.  They all agree that Iraq is a major success, that the people of Iraq are overjoyed and grateful for our destruction of the Baath regime (and any buildings or villages they might have been in), and that January's free elections will mean that yet another mission is accomplished.  I tend to believe them, because they look like nice moral guys, and they don't have their judgment (and patriotism) clouded by anything like actually visiting Iraq.  And once every insurgent in Iraq decided to hide in Fallujah, why, it was pretty much game over as far as that war went.

Which was a huge relief!

Thank God there's nothing really worth reporting right now, unless someone snaps a photo of a Marine with a cigarette in his mouth.  And hopefully, this Iraq War will stay disappeared and unremembered, clearing the decks fo rmore important stories, like vote fraud in the Ukraine.

Yeah, the Cold War.  That was a war, now wasn't it, Media?

Posted by mrbrent at 8:46 AM

November 29, 2004

go cardhouse go

Our friends at Cardhouse, as intrepid as ever, brings this site here to our attention.

As usual, we couldn't agree more.  And we'll throw in a hearty guffaw for good measure.

Posted by mrbrent at 12:04 PM

mining the humor in economics

You know, by pulling a quote out of context from a newspaper article, it's possible to make much laughter!  Especially sarcasm works!  Let's try:

From a piece [reg. req.] in the Washington Post, about the President replacing himself some economic advisiors:

Aides also said Bush is considering reaching beyond the kind of administration loyalists who will staff key national security posts in the second term.

Reaching beyond administration loyalists?  Har!  Yeah, maybe if they're looking for scapegoats.  Bush's internal promotion of yes men has elevated the "sinecure" to this year's last refuge for the talentless.

Whatever, but someone oughtta smack those "aides also said" right inna mouth.  Or at the very least, the Post should qualify that "aides also said" is a clumsy and hackneyed code phrase for "administration strongly wants it to be reported".  But of course, since they are a liberal mainstream media organization, they are only allowed to be manipulated, and may never actually report such manipulation.

Also in the article is the funfact that Bush is considering NY Governor George Pataki as a possible replacement for Secretary of the Treasury.  Which, as a citizen of NY, just makes me giggle.  Can't even think of funny, funny joke to make.  Though, I will say, if you are a Republican governor of a northeastern state who has made Presidential aspirations very clear over the years, and you are suddenly floated as a Secretary of the Treasury, you should really stop thinking about those Presidential aspirations.  Word.

Posted by mrbrent at 10:14 AM